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Amygdala animation.

Curiously, even prior to the fall of Babylon, felines had tirelessly warned humans of the impending doom of Earth.

But their chattering attempts to call for help were adorable and though some recognized the retrieval of dead birds an omen, the vast majority of mankind sadly mistook the acts for amusing cat videos on the internet.

Just before the autocratic state could demonstrate its geopolitical authority through technological prowess and scientific achievement in the space race by sending Mr Fuzzypants into space, he replaced his star spangled mission patch. Authorities mistook his gesture as a snide jest to the empire. But, in fact, the message was this “So long and thanks for all the fish”.

I painted some of my followers' ideas for free for a bit of fun, one of the requests; "Ancient aliens in Egypt". This was one of my first attempts at animating in Adobe Aftereffects.

Drawing parallels between uncanny felines, ancient gods and the number 42. Taking inspiration from Douglas Adams' Hitch Hikers guide to the galaxy and subverting it with my own angst for unrest and geo-political tensions, painting a picture of the uncertainty of war and globalization.

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