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Did God create lizard people too?!

The reason I decided to blog is so that I could better learn to articulate myself, coerce myself to delve deeper into certain topics, to become more accustomed to public speaking, to refine and log my thoughts and lastly, to invite some readers along for a journey of learning and uncovering life's mysteries, not limited to:

"Is Michelle Obama really a dude?"

"Did Bush do 9-11?"

"Is the queen really a lizard??!"

"Did the cookie monster REALLY cook 6 million cookies??"

"10 tips and tricks to stay out of the gulags!"

and other FAQ's like "How many communists can you fit in a helicopter?"

Plus some other stuff about philosophy and art, generally whatever I'm learning about at the time I'll likely be sharing here. Until then here's some notes I wrote down recently after watching this occult audio book about alchemy and reprogramming the subconscious mind towards our desires. This one in particular stuck out to me, the breakdown of the texts and the diagrams really help paint a picture.

A TRANSFORMATIONAL PATH to The Vision (Three Magic Words + Kybalion) Three Initiates & U.S. Andersen

- Desire converted to a vision becomes our intent, when we commit to it we go down the journey of self realization to the fulfillment.

- Accurate thinking + intuitive understanding.

- Neville Goddard - assume it is done, know it is done, and it is done.

- Value the journey and see it as one, because on the journey to realizing a vision, the process of spiritual alchemy is happening.

4 April 22


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