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Creating a progressive rock album cover

Walk through of designing the album art for the prog rock band Progressive overload and their EP titled "Rationalizing creatures"

The basic brief was to design a vast landscape with two figures, one robot and one human traversing across. There was some discussion about including a geometric shape as the sun or moon with reference to some of the illusive works of M.C. Escher. Instead we decided to make the landscape the focus of the work.

I had tried a bunch of ideas focusing on the structures that would borrow from elements and themes such as sci-fi, industrial and weaponry. Ultimately we wanted the structures to appear unrecognizable, uncanny, maybe even a little surreal. I incorporated into some of the structures musical instruments that were used by the band.

Some of the other rough concepts. I probably went overkill with the concepts but I wanted to explore different ideas, in the end I only showed the client one concept and made slight changes as I began to better understand what we wanted the end result to be.

Early stages that would eventually become the final version, I put down some grid lines to make sure it was accurate.

Their new single arrives next Friday, 1-18



Thanks for looking!

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